Tuesday, 15 April 2014

March #2: Everglades; Sunset at the Reef

Everglades, Anhinga Trail

The next day we went to the Everglades National Park - hey, my first visit to a National Park!

Thanks to a friend's recommendation, I had, hands down, the best fruit milkshake I've ever had (or will likely ever have) at Robert Is Here. Unmissable. Guanabana (also called soursop) and blueberries mixed into a heavenly cup of fragrant sweetness. - I almost want to say, "just go there for the milkshake," but that's not fair on the beauty Everglades offers.

I'd recommend the Anhinga Trail - beautiful translucent waters reflect the blue skies, like a Monet painting touched with wildness and grass.

Well, and alligators...

Everglades, Alligator Spotting

Next, we headed down to Key West, and set sail for the Florida Reef for some scuba-diving. I can now confirm that swimming with fish makes me nervous. I don't know why! The immediate proximity with a tiny blue fish choked me. It took me some time to slow down and settle in. Once we're out of the water, we're treated with a flow of drinks and a slow descent of the golden sun. Orange, pink, purple, blue - from shade to shade, the sky is slowly saturated, until the sun finally sinks.

Florida Reef Sunset: On Deck Florida Reef Sunset

Think I only sharpened the last picture a little, no colour correction or contrast or anything more from my part. Just the sun and its canvases.

March #1: Miami

South Beach, Miami South Beach, Miami: Waters

Where else to go for my last Spring Break but Florida? I almost shied away from Miami since I wasn't looking for a clubbing experience, but South Beach was less rowdy and more leisurely than imagined. Packed and touristy, for sure, but fairly comfortable. The sand is rocky at the edge of the waters, but soft about 50 foot out - soft like fine flour sifting under your toes. Jump when the waves come crashing, or you'll be thrown off balance.

As much as I liked it, it loses by a hair to the more private Pompano Beach. There, it was just sun, (cold) beer, and two friends. At night you hear the waves crashing, time and time again - it was music and therapy.

After some Cuban food at Versailles, piƱa colada (in a whole pineapple) at Calle Ocho and South Beach time, we headed back to Pompano Beach, and saw one of many beautiful sunsets in Florida.
  Miami Sunset

I don't believe you could be stay worried and tensed at the sight of the melting sun. I was thankful.