Monday, 8 September 2014

Hong Kong, Hello Again

The Thick of Summer: City of Victoria
So this, is City of Victoria --- a designation preserved in our law to this day. 

TL;DR  I'm back! Please follow for more photos - I'll try to post nice ones - and my ramblings, which I promise would be, at least, mildly whimsical and somewhat interesting.

Now, can you really call it a hiatus when my posts were never published on a fixed schedule, nor with any sense of continuity? Such is the nature of my recollections, I'm afraid. And is that not the nature of memory? When you try to recall a fact or a feeling, it eludes capture. When you don't, it falls upon you, in no particular time, like the rain on a sunny afternoon. (It does happen in Hong Kong, and in St. Louis too!)

Here's the thing: I started this blog to try some fashion photography (the "wear"). The photo shoots would happen organically, by a suggestion made and consent given when I go meet a friend (the "we're," or "were," depending on your sense of time passing). Since then there've been fewer opportunities as such, and I feel less... inspired. Instead, I found myself reaching back to travel photography (the "where"), what I first started with.

I have had the good fortune to travel over the past few years; now I have come home and started law school. There will be time against tides of readings I struggle and prevail, and there will be time I harken back to my "halcyon days," working through photographs from 2008 till summer of 2014. Then, there will be time to conclude.

Can I interest you again?

Let us go then, you and I---
(It's quoted so often but I'm never tired of it.)


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

March #4: Weekend in Manhattan

New York Public Library: Facade New York Public Library: entering Rose

I've been to the British Library lately, and I'll have to announce the New York Public Library as the winner in terms of aesthetics and architecture, with white marble inside and out, and a beautiful facade with Corinthian columns (yes I also learnt that in Art History).

The Rose reading room reminded me of the rooms at Oxford, but is, unfortunately for the time being, closed until the end of year.

Later that evening we took advantage of MoMA's Friday Nights, when admission between 4 - 8p.m. is free. Amidst the crowd there was this couple co-ordinating colours with Pollock:

MoMA: Pollock, Beige and Black